1.Your ticket or cash to pay cover. ($40)
2.Photo ID (see Acceptable Forms below)

State ID, DL, Military, FOID, School id w/ BC, Passport
3.Festive yet comfortable clothing and shoes
4.Smiles and good vibes!

Q.What can we bring into the venue?

A.Backpacks, Poi, Gloves, Hoops, Camelbacks (must be empty upon entry), Are allowed but ALL ARE SUBJECT TO SEARCH!

Q.Are E-Cigs and Vapes allowed?

A.Yes, But MUST be used for their intended purpose. (No Dabs to be Blunt About It)

Q.Will there be an outside smoking section?

A.There will be a smoking section and extra bathrooms located outside.

Q.Are we allowed to go in and out to our cars?

A.There are no ins and outs without paying to re-enter.  If you buy a VIP Parking pass ONE person will be allowed to return to their vehicle with security supervision. 

Q.What if I must have my prescription on hand and available?

A.We will have a First Aid tent where your prescriptions will be help with our Paramedics and Health Safety Team.  

Q.How crazy can we get with costumes?

A.As crazy as you want but nothing that Shoots, Pops, Sparks, or that is deemed dangerous by our security staff.

Q.What kind of concessions and food will there be? Will there be Tacos?

A.We will have several points of sale for Soft Drinks, 21+ beverages, and a HEFTY food menu, and YES there will be TACOS!

What to bring with you: